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Temple Beth El of Hollywood’s Preschool has always offered a summer camp program, but their camp has been perceived as an extension of the preschool and not a destination for kids to come to for the summer. It was a place existing parents felt comfortable with and didn’t have to put much thought into. However, families from the neighborhood and surrounding areas never considered attending. The temple did not brand the camp as it’s own entity and it’s marketing materials were always an after thought.


The day camp market in South Florida is saturated and the competition is fierce. Temple Beth El was concerned that they would not be able to compete with some of the “fancier” camps who offer swimming pools, field trips and specialty activities. On the flip side, their environment is cozy and nurturing, and all of their counselors are certified teachers.


Our first challenge was to rebrand the camp with a name of it’s own and a logo that incorporated the preschool’s identity.  After a lot of research and brainstorming the temple selected the name Camp Keshet. Keshet means rainbow in Hebrew, and the rainbow symbolizes the colorful, diverse and cheerful programs they offer. It also works well with their preschool logo which incorporates all the colors of the rainbow.


We embarked on logo development, new registration materials and a small advertising campaign. The budget the temple had to work with was limited. Therefore, we needed to be selective in our strategies. The use of a targeted direct mail campaign, new signage and print ads enabled us to reach families within a 20 mile radius of the location.


We focused our campaign on the temple’s assets - A homey environment where kids can play and learn with certified teachers who care. It’s safer because everything is contained on-site, but that does not diminish the excitement of the activities.


This colorful campaign resulted in an increase in enrollment.  The camp is now known as a neighborhood gem and not a neighborhood secret. As a result the camp has been able to offer additional academic programs and enhanced enrichments.

CAMPFIRE STORY - Shwayder Camp

Shwayder camp in Colorado has been established since 1949.  They are a privately owned camp that has always offered two week sessions throughout the summer. They contacted Campfire Creative Marketing in the fall of 2017. Instead of two week sessions they were going to begin offering three week sessions. Shwayder was concerned there would be negative feedback from existing families resulting in a loss of attendance. They wanted to get ahead of any rumors and minimize opposition.


Instead of focusing on the length of the sessions, we chose to highlight all of the additional changes that were going to positively impact the campers. As a result of spending more time at camp, kids would be able to enjoy customized schedules, additional activities and more time to bond with friends. The camp was also unveiling new facilities with state-of-the art amenities. Campers could look forward to a brand new recreation center, a climbing wall, sports courts and modern cabins.


By changing the attention to these new opportunities we were able to roll out a campaign titled “Best Summer Ever.” We tapped into Shwayder’s database and used email marketing to reach existing and potential families. We organized parent meetings with question and answer sessions. A direct mail campaign reinforced the messaging and reminded parents of important registration dates. We sent each camper a Shwayder bracelet as a token of appreciation. Lastly, the use of social media was a key factor for staying in touch. Pictures on instagram brought back memories for campers and facebook allowed us to highlight activities, renovations and important dates.


The campaign was a huge success. Shwayder experienced no fall out from the changes  in 2018 and earned a double digit percentage increase in revenue. Campers embraced the longer schedule and parents felt like they were in the loop and well informed. Shwayder was pleased with the results and Summer 2018 proved to be the Best Summer Ever!