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In addition to Campfire Creative Marketing’s full range of services, we offer consulting. As advisors, we look at your camp’s marketing from a fresh perspective and customize strategies to reach your goals. Here is how it works:


For the first phase we will "gather sticks." This marketing audit consists of discovery, identifying goals, establishing priorities, and creating an action plan.

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After completing the marketing audit and determining your direction we will begin to "light your fire." This roll-out phase includes the implementation and execution of the strategies.

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 In order to "keep your marketing fire burning" we must review and analyze the strategies on an ongoing basis. We will monitor results and adjust our plan accordingly.

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Campfire Creative Marketing will stay in constant communication through regularly scheduled phone or video conferences and email updates.

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For under $6000 a year you can have access to a Chief Marketing Officer.  We work with you as a team member, but for a lot less money. Want more info? Let’s set up a fireside chat. 

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