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Capturing the Fun: Social Media Content Strategies for Summer Camps

The summer months are the only time you can gather all the media content you’ll need

to promote your camp year-round such as photos, videos, and staff interviews that showcase your vibrant camp experience. That’s why planning ahead is crucial! Since we know how busy you are, we’ve put together a checklist you can use to ensure you capture all the special moments and elements you’ll need:

Staff Interviews For Recruitment

Conducting interviews with staff members offers a unique perspective on the camp's quality andvalues. When parents see how awesome staff members are at the camp, it can give them a sense of trust and reassurance when deciding whether or not to send their children next summer. Testimonials highlight the expertise, passion, and dedication of the team. Insights

from staff about their experiences and the impact they have on campers can be powerful in

showcasing the camp's positive and supportive environment. Camps should not miss

the opportunity to capture short interviews that can be used as promotional content.

Camper Interviews

Hearing directly from the kids about their favorite activities, friendships, and personal growth helps potential campers envision themselves at camp. Plus, it can persuade parents to ultimately sign their children up. Sit down one-on-one with campers and talk to them candidly about their experiences. Record authentic and compelling stories that showcase the value of your program.

Holiday Content

While camp season may be in the summer, promoting your program during the off-season is key to keeping parents engaged and thinking about enrolling their children again the next year. One way to accomplish this is to celebrate holidays online. Capturing things like “Christmas in July” or what children are grateful for to promote thanksgiving can be fun things to post when those holidays arrive. 

Pictures Of The Everyday Things!

The “things” that are a part of everyday life at camp that create the culture and true vibes are often the content that’s forgotten! Pictures of facilities, food, and safety features are what parents are mostly curious about. Instead of always taking pictures of the action, try focusing on special moments like a counselor helping a camper tie his shoe, kids sitting together under a tree, or a camper taking a time-out reading a book. Sometimes the smallest, mundane things are the ones that tell the biggest story.

To Wrap It Up…

Ensuring a successful promotional strategy for your camp involves planning ahead and capturing essential content over the summer. Make a shot sheet now and know in advance who will be responsible for capturing the content, and most importantly organize your assets as you gather them so you can quickly find them during the year. 

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