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Homebound and Stir Crazy…Camps to the Rescue!

Schools are temporarily shutting down and parents are being forced to work from home. So how can camps turn this negative situation into a positive outcome?

One reoccurring theme with camps is the concept of community. The connections campers make with one another provides them with lifelong friendships. So, let’s tap into that community; and let your campers know you are there for them during this scary time.

Here are some ideas you can use to build that community. By utilizing these methods, not only will you stay in contact with your campers, but you will help parents entertain their children. You will remind families that you are a support system for them. Ultimately, your reputation will be enhanced; and you can market your services "under the radar"!

Host a virtual song session.

Invite campers to join you on Facebook live where they can join you to reunite and reconnect. Music always brings everyone together. So, why not enjoy all the camp songs and sing along from home.

Provide the top 10 books for children and teens recommended by your staff.

Kids and teens are going to need things to do while they are stuck at home. Give parents a list of books that their kids may enjoy.

Send a link to a “how-to” you tube video.

Learn how to make a friendship bracelet or do a craft from home with supplies you may have laying around the house. Put together a short “how-to” video and send your families the link.

Hold a creativity contest.

Ask campers to design this year’s t-shirt or poster. Give them a short deadline and encourage them to work on it while they are stuck indoors.

Go Viral!

Create a TikTok video with one of your camp songs or cheers; and ask campers to make their own using your original audio. Have them share it with their camp friends.

Get creative; and reach out to your families.

Now is a great time for you to maintain their trust and loyalty. For more information about how you can talk to your parents during these uncertain times, contact Campfire Creative Marketing at 954-817-4077 or


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