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Three Things Camps Must Do Now

1. Be Transparent

If you aren’t keeping your families, staff and alumni in the loop then you are doing your community a huge disservice. Don’t keep them in the dark or string them along. Families need to make other arrangements for their kids, and staff may need to look for other ways to earn income. You may also create severe damage to your credibility by not giving your community up-to-date information. Rumors are flying and parents are forming their own opinions. This could mean trouble for your camp! Get ahead of the hearsay by being transparent.

2. Raise Funds

How can you make up for this summer’s lost income? One way is with a fundraising campaign. Reach out to your community and share your story. If you ask in a compelling way, most are happy to lend a hand or donate so you can keep doing what they love…camp!

3. Plan Ahead

You are super busy trying to work out all the details for this summer and determining your fallback plans. Therefore, you likely have not focused on planning for summer 2021. But you shouldn’t stop marketing.There are still many things you can do even with so many unknowns. Keep the momentum going and plan for your future.


At Campfire Creative Marketing, we are experts in marketing communications. We work exclusively with camps, and we understand how to talk to your families, staff and alumni. With Campfire Creative Marketing on your team, together we will find the right solutions for your needs and budget.

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