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Be Flexible With Your Marketing

During 2020, we learned how to be nimble and flexible, but how will you apply these new skills to your marketing in 2021? You need to register campers for this coming summer, but you don’t want to make promises you can’t keep. Sometimes it feels like you have reached your limits. But just like stretching your body, you must keep stretching your marketing in order for your business to stay healthy and strong.

There are many creative technology options to promote your camp. The most obvious is your website. Always keep the information on your site up-to-date and drive visitors to the content that is most important from your home page.

Generate more traffic to your website through google ads and social media. Not only can you recruit new families, but you can also engage potential staff and alumni using different messages on these platforms.

These strategies are not new, so chances are you are already using them. But what else can you do? Try these Stretches to improve your marketing flexibility:

  • Create a digital brochure. It will reinforce your other efforts while allowing you to change your message when necessary. Under normal conditions a digital brochure won’t take the place of a printed one. However, this year it is a smart solution. You can design an all-encompassing piece that showcases every aspect of your camp, or create something that will entice your audience and leave them wanting more. Produce different versions to reach different audiences and consider using follow-up pieces to increase views. A digital brochure can be interactive. Readers can turn the pages as if it were an actual booklet. You can embed links to additional information or videos. It saves money on printing and postage, and best of all you can update the content whenever necessary.

  • Get creative with your open houses and tours. If you can’t invite families to come to your camp then bring camp to them. Offer virtual tours and set up parent Q & A sessions online, but make them fun and “campy”. Host a weekend party for the kids online where they can participate in break-out rooms while the parents talk to the staff. Create an interactive camp map that walks them through a day-in-the-life of a camper. Send out s’more kits before your online open house and include a virtual campfire in your presentation. There are many ways that you can entice potential families and increase your attendance at these events.

  • Send some camp love. Every child gets excited when they receive mail. Take advantage of that element of surprise. Distribute camp care packages to potential families. Provide them with a DIY activity, info about your sessions, and a small token from camp. Send a personal letter with coloring pages to younger kids. Get connected using old fashion snail mail. A handwritten note goes along way to prove your passion, dedication and one-on-one personal service.

Make 2021 a great new year for your camp and your camp family. While many things have changed because of COVID-19, and we all must continue to “go with the flow,” you can find ways to keep your camp top of mind for returning and prospective campers and staff.

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