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Crowdfunding For Camps

Camps should consider raising money from a variety of sources. This is especially true since most camps were impacted by Covid-19 and lost significant revenue this past summer. There are many ways to approach fundraising, but one very effective method is crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding allows you to obtain small donation amounts from a large number of donors, which can add up very quickly! You start with your audience and empower them to share your message with their network of friends and family. The more people that share your message, the more people you reach. Resulting in a successful fundraising campaign!

Campfire Creative Marketing helped Odyssey Teen Camp surpass their goal in a 3-day giving campaign. Odyssey Teen Camp became a 501c3 in January, and prior to this campaign they had never raised money through a fundraiser. We started with a relatively small base of 1500 followers.  Since effective crowdfunding is ultimately a numbers game, the more active contacts you have in your database, the better. 

Prior to the formal campaign kick-off, we conducted a soft launch that included sending postcards and a single email to families and past supporters. Within a few day, we received nearly $7000 in donations.

A comprehensive strategy was utilized during the fundraiser that included emails, text messages, social media and a virtual live event. The most important way to reach donors is through heartfelt messages and honesty.

Board members and several other friends of camp agreed to be individual fundraisers. They were provided their own fundraising page and encouraged to reach their own goals. You can encourage fundraiser participation by giving prizes to the people who raise the most money or have them work as teams to win bragging rights. 

Over the course of the campaign, we raised a total of $26,000 for Odyssey Teen Camp. This was a lofty goal for a small camp. We celebrated each milestone as the campaign progressed and built lots of excitement for the future of Odyssey Teen Camp. 

Crowdfunding for camps not only helps you raise money for operations or scholarship programs, it also is an effective way to raise awareness about your summer programs. New audiences are introduced to your camp allowing you to build new relationships. It is word-of-mouth marketing at its finest. 

However, these events do take time and effort to organize and execute effectively. Campfire Creative Marketing can help camps raise money and awareness with little out of pocket expenses. Let us help you build an effective campaign to reach your goals. We will handle managing and marketing the campaign, so you can concentrate on managing your camp.

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