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How Can You Make Up for This Summer’s Lost Revenue?

Fundraising may just be the answer you are looking for. Don’t be too proud to ask your community for support. Now more than ever you may need to rely on your alumni and families to reach into their hearts and their wallets. Besides having them contribute a portion of this year’s tuition, there are many other creative ways to raise funds.

Remember to connect with your audience on an emotional level before any of your fundraising can be successful. Explain to them the impact this fundraising has on their child or others. Remind them of the summer memories they made at camp and why it’s important to carry-on that legacy. If you ask for help in a compelling way, chances are your supporters will be happy to donate.

One way you can create a sense of urgency is with a 24-hour push campaign. Set a goal and announce it in advance. Provide supporters with the link online where they can give and announce your progress throughout the day.

Get campers and staff involved with fun activities that include a charitable component. These audiences may not have much money to contribute on their own, but they still want to help.

Live events (online) such as benefit concerts or silent auctions are other ways to generate money. They are also great ways to bring your community together to enjoy camp from their living room.

We realize all of these fundraising efforts take time to organize. That’s why Campfire Creative Marketing is offering the opportunity for camps to raise money with little out of pocket expenses. Let us help you build an effective campaign to reach your goals. We will handle managing and marketing the campaign, so you can concentrate on camp.

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