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How Marketing Can Save Summer

Let’s look at the facts. One of two things is likely to happen. Camps will open this summer with new policies and procedures, or camps won’t be able to open and their focus will need to shift to planning summer 2021. Either way, you should not neglect your marketing now.

Currently your attention is devoted to contingency plans, healthcare policies and revised or new programming. However, have you thought about how you are going to get campers signed up if you can open for business?

Although you should be mindful of how parents are feeling, you need to maintain your relevance. By using several marketing strategies, you can keep your camp top of mind. That way when you are given the thumbs up to reopen, you won’t be scrambling to fill your programs.

1. Start by offering incentives for campers to sign up now. Many parents are going to be desperate to find something to keep their kids busy this summer. Let them know they can reserve a spot at your camp with a refundable deposit if camp doesn’t open. Remind them that if they wait you may not have availability. This is a safety net and they have nothing to lose. Advertise this incentive on your website, social media and email campaigns.

2. Continue to provide virtual activities for your community, and invite past campers to share your information with their friends. By spreading goodwill, you can spread awareness about your camp.

3. Encourage current campers to “refer friends” to your social pages with a contest. This is a great way to grow your business by engaging your biggest fans.

4. Highlight your unique camp attributes through blogs. Talk about positive initiatives you may be doing right now. Reinforce your camp values and your community.

5. Consider hosting a live virtual open house where you can showcase activities, show photos and videos and have a camper or parent talk about their summer experience.

6. Be prepared with your messaging and automated campaigns so you can hit send as soon as you are ready. If you wait, you may miss out on opportunities while developing last minute ideas.

If camp is not able to open this summer these marketing efforts are not a waste of your time. By implementing these strategies, you will keep your brand current and gain more familiarity.

It is also imperative to start thinking about summer 2021. Campfire Creative Marketing recommends conducting a marketing audit. Determine what is working and what is not. Take a hard look at your goals and your messaging. Are you on the right track? Are your core messages unique and true to who you are? Put together a marketing plan and an action plan. Now is the perfect time for you to think ahead and to think about how you can reach your objectives.

When we know what is going to happen for this summer, your marketing is going to be essential. Be ready to respond and react. Our future is unknown, but you can be prepared no matter where it takes us.

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