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Keep Calm and Communicate

Details about the coronavirus and how it is impacting our lives is changing rapidly. That is why it is important for you to continue having conversations with your families, staff, and alumni.

However, do not bombard inboxes. Rather be mindful of the frequency and relevance of the information you are sending. When you make important decisions that will impact your audience directly then send an email. If the information is urgent text messaging is a great way to communicate quickly. Use apps, like Remind, to establish text groups now.

Take advantage of the technology available and stay in touch on a day-to-day basis using social media, live streaming, and your website. Bring your camp communities together as a support system. Never use this situation as a selling opportunity. Be empathetic and try to understand your audiences’ anxiety. Tap into the friendships you have made, and be there as a camp expert providing reassurance and comfort.

Most importantly, keep CALM and communicate.


Be empathetic of your families concerns


Share facts to minimize rumors


Invoke ways to show your commitment to your families, staff and alumni


Take advantage of different mediums - email, social media, websites, blogs, texts, phone

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