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Take Your Emails Off Cruise Control

Automated Emails are a powerful tool. They allow you to stay connected to your camper families, staff and alumni by sending the right messages at the right times. However, due to COVID-19 you must remember that some of your previously scheduled emails may not be appropriate.

To begin, what is email automation?

As a marketer, it’s a no brainer. You can design a series of emails that get sent out automatically based on predefined rules. These emails are triggered by a specific event. For example, if someone visits your website and sends you an inquiry through your contact page, that customer will automatically receive a welcome email and be placed on your prospect list. That prospect will then receive a campaign of emails informing them about your camp. This campaign can include emails about registration, unique activities, open houses, special offers and more. As you build your automation, you can program it to target people based on their behaviors and personalize each customer’s experience. Ultimately, this boosts your recruitment and makes your life easier because it runs on autopilot.

However, because it runs on autopilot it can be easy to neglect.

Right now many automated emails are not sensitive to our current situation. Camps should be aware of what they are emailing and pause the automation. You should create new messaging that directly addresses what your camp is doing now. Do you have a new registration policy for this summer, are you extending payment deadlines, are you implementing new policies and procedures? You may not have all of the answers, and that is ok. Continue to keep your audience informed as information is available.

Use this time to analyze your automated campaigns.

Analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Make necessary changes, and update the information that is no longer relevant or had been overcome by current events. Once you are ready to relaunch your automated email campaign your messages will be stronger, more appropriate and most importantly…more impactful.

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