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Tips From The Oscars - How To Produce a Camp Video

Updated: May 7, 2021

Ever watch a movie that made you laugh out loud? Or a tearjerker that touched your heart?

That is the power of film (and video)

You don’t have to produce an Oscar winning movie to connect with your audience and touch their emotions. However, before creating a promotional camp video, you can learn a few lessons from award-winning films.

A good movie tells a story. Through the narrative of a story people can develop a deeper understanding and create their own emotional connection. Since camp is all about building relationships this is particularly relevant for your business.

In order to be truly effective, your story must be memorable. Well told stories make lasting impressions and eventually create reactions. Think about how people recite movie quotes or watch a film over and over again. I’m not suggesting that your video will have a cult following, but if your story is worth remembering viewers will retell it to their friends and chances are your camp will stick out in their minds.

All camps have great stories to tell, but finding your narrative is not always easy. You need a clear vision of what you are selling and then what feeling you want your audience to walk away with. You can tell your story using different plot lines or creative techniques such as comedy, animation, or a documentary style.

A good promotional video is more than just moving pictures and music. Set yourself apart by showcasing exactly who you are through the mood you set and the story you tell. You can also save money and get better results if you spend time upfront on the conceptualization, writing and preproduction. Start planning your video now so once summer rolls around you don’t miss the opportunity to capture the footage.

As an Emmy Winning television producer and the founder of Campfire Creative Marketing, I can produce a video for your camp that will sell more tickets at the box office (aka get more attention and encourage more campers to register for summer). My team at Campfire Creative Marketing specializes in customized CAMPaigns. We don’t use templates or formulas. Everything we do is individualized for our clients. We will look at what makes you unique and tie your story into your branding and marketing efforts.


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