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Use This Time To Plan Ahead

To say that times are uncertain is an understatement. However, now more than ever it is imperative that you keep planning for the future of camp.  Whether it’s for this summer or summer 2021, you need to be prepared and ready to act.

Having a comprehensive marketing plan in place is critical to mitigating the impact of the current situation and keeping your business goals in sight. To begin, think about your communication messaging. This is the foundation for all of your branding and marketing efforts, and should be reflected in everything you do.  Ensure you have a clear picture of who you are and what makes you unique. Look for ways to differentiate yourself and base your key messages on those extraordinary characteristics. For example, every camp boasts about their community, but get to the soul of what makes your community special. Is it that you have a diverse group of campers that come together in harmony? Is it that your camp focuses on heart-centered activities that promote mindfulness and spirituality? Or is it that you are a sports camp that doesn’t just teach athletic skills, but emphasizes team building.

Once you identify your key messages then you will be on track to develop your goals and strategies.

Marketing is all about driving toward your goals. Without meaningful goals you will not be able to track where you are going or stay on task. So figure out, based on your business, what you are striving to accomplish. Some of your short term goals will need to be adjusted to address current circumstances, and you may not be able to identify all of them yet. Perhaps you will want to let parents know camp is safe or that you have changed some programming.

However, your original goals should still be considered. Do you need to gain more campers to fill a particular program? Are you trying to attract staff with a specific skill set? Do you want to grow your off-season revenue?

Make sure your goals are specific, realistic and measurable, and most importantly set deadlines for short-term and long-term objectives.

After identifying your goals, then you can decide what marketing strategies to use. Through research, determine what methods will best engage your audience. Then combine these methods to build awareness and frequency. Be realistic about what you can do given your resources. Put an action plan together to execute these strategies. Social media posts should be scheduled, and emails should be automated. This will not only help make your life easier, but help avoid missed opportunities. 

Don’t forget to track your marketing. Be flexible. React when things are working and make changes when things need to be improved.

Don’t approach your marketing without a course of action. You can’t expect to get results if you randomly select strategies. Careful planning and execution is the key to reaching your marketing goals. Use your time now to plan ahead.

From hosting communication strategy workshops to developing marketing plans, executing strategies and creating unique campaigns, Campfire Creative Marketing is here to spark ideas. Let us know how we can help get your marketing fire burning.

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