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Virtual Camp Ideas

Campfire Creative Marketing has been recommending that camps get their communities engaged virtually while stuck at home. We are pleased to see that camps across the country have embraced this idea, and we thought it would be fun to share some of their activities. Here’s a list of creative, fun, upbeat, clever, active ideas that may inspire your camp:

An online cooking class where campers tuned in and learned recipes with ingredients they had in their pantry.

A virtual campfire where everyone gathered for songs and stories.

An indoor scavenger hunt challenged campers to find items around their house and post pictures on instagram.

Parents gained valuable tips from certified staff members on how to cope with kids during stressful events.

Guided meditation brought peace and harmony to campers before bed.

Trivia Night was something the entire family could do together.

A digital dance party got campers moving.

Here are some other ideas for you to try. They can all be executed easily and for free! Do them live, record them and add a page on your website as a resource for families.

Penpal campaigns, cartoon drawing classes, Spanish lessons, poster contests, bedtime stories, live concerts, morning wake-up calls, Shabbat services, yoga stretch classes, 15-minute fitness sessions, friendship circles, printable word searches and coloring pages, science experiments, homework help…

Now more than ever you can get campy and crazy! Have fun with your ideas, but most importantly, stay positive and strong for your camp community.

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