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What Are You Waiting For?

It’s time to kick-off your registration for Summer 2021. Although it may be virtual, kids are back at school, and now is the time to start planning for next summer. It may seem strange to sign up campers when you don’t know exactly what you will be able to offer. However, if you wait too long you will miss out on opportunities.

There are many ways that you can reach families and register campers without making promises you can’t keep.

1. Inform families. Let parents know you plan to host camp for Summer 2021 with a personal letter. Fill them in on the lessons you learned this past year and how you will be adjusting your protocols to keep campers safe. Remind them that you need to be flexible and that some things may still change as more information becomes available. Get them excited about the future of camp while emphasizing your health and safety priorities.

2. Hype Registration Dates. Announce when registration will begin and let parents know of any discounts or promotions. Through social media pump up campers so they get excited about Summer 2021.

3. Open the Flood Gates. Launch registration by sending out an email to all past and potential parents. Post on Facebook to reach adults and remind campers on Instagram. Reassure parents that if camp is canceled due to COVID-19 you will refund their money or apply it towards other programs.

4. Create Awareness. Since tours, open houses and private recruitment events are out of the question, find creative ways to reach potential families. Host virtual tours and question and answer sessions. Ask teen and parent ambassadors to educate friends and provide testimonials. Showcase your activities live on social media. Find other interactive mediums that you can send out to potential families such as digital brochures or camp maps.

5. Stay Relevant. As soon as you disengage with your audience your relevance diminishes. Stay connected with your current and potential families by providing them information through blogs. Send emails as changes to protocols occur. Tap into trends such as TikTok to reach campers. There will always be game changers, but if you stay open minded you can react and take advantage of new strategies.

Campfire Creative Marketing recognizes each camp is unique. That’s why we customize the way we promote summer for each one of our clients. Take advantage of the different ways you can register for Summer 2021, but make sure you are staying true to yourself.

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