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Brochures are an important part of every camp’s marketing. However, with COVID still looming information is changing rapidly. It would be a waste of money to put info in ink when you may have to modify the details at any moment.

How can you creatively distribute information about your camp to potential families, staff, donors and current campers? Campfire Creative Marketing recommends using digital brochures as a unique, flexible and affordable way to spread the word about your program. There are many benefits to using this digital platform:

  • It allows you to communicate with your audiences and provide a fun, interactive experience. The integration of video, pop-up pages and links to your website, registration and inbox make your brochure come to life.

  • It is easy to adapt a digital brochure when changes are necessary. For instance, you can update your dates and rates on the fly without any interruption or downtime.

  • You can have a variety of brochures to reach all your audiences without any extra publishing fees. Create different messages for camper enrollment, staff recruitment, alumni outreach and donor presentations.

  • Share your digital brochure through a unique link customized for your camp. It is easy to email your piece with just one click. You can post the brochure on your social media and incorporate it into a virtual open house.

  • Your digital brochure can be used as a lead magnet on your website. People can subscribe to your site and receive the brochure via email. This allows you to generate leads and build your database.

The cost for us to create your digital brochure and publish it can be less than the cost of printing a brochure. Here are just a few digital brochures that Campfire Creative Marketing has developed:

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