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This past week I was lucky enough to attend the ACA National Conference! As always, the vendor hall was packed with amazing things all camps should be looking into for the 2023 summer season and beyond. Some of my favorite highlights were:

  1. Apps! We all know parents' need for more communication is on the rise, and there is nothing more convenient than getting info on your phones. & are two great apps for parents and camps alike. Staying in touch and photo-sharing are easier than ever for on-the-go parents.

  2. Memories! is a really cool way for kids to feel at home at camp. Parents (or campers) can order photo collages with memories of family, friends, pets, and more. These collages can be mounted to trunks, clipped to the bottom of their bunks, or fixed to side walls with removable tape. Bring a slice of home to camp or bring a slice of camp back home. Bonus: if your families use the code “campfire” they will get 10% off their purchase!

  3. NFT’s! Keepsakes for camp have been around as long as camps have, and they’ve finally gotten their digital upgrade. On, you can create your own camper digital playing card. Videos, photos, stats, or other flavorful text can be included to create the perfect snapshot of your camp experience. Camps can use them to introduce their staff this spring, parents can order them for their children, or think about giving them to your campers around the holidays as a gift!

  4. Nut-Free! Thanks to we have alternatives to peanut butter that are safe for campers. Did we mention they are DELICIOUS? (That pumpkin seed butter was amazing!) They’ve also got watermelon seed butter and flavored sunflower seed butters like vanilla cinnamon or dark chocolate. I’ve already purchased a jar for home.

  5. Paddle Boards! As a paddle board racer myself, SUPs have a special place in my heart and sure knows what they’re doing. Based out of Telluride, Colorado, SOL has great choices for individuals and groups alike. Who wouldn’t want to cruise on the 6-person inflatable?

Thank you to all the vendors who came out and showed off their amazing products. So many exciting things are dropping right on time for the summer season and it will definitely create a summer to remember. 'Til next time, ACA!


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